Mobile App Pilot

Experience #APPinness

For Android Users (Samsung, HTC, Techno, Huawei etc):


•       Download and install the App from the link

•       For Mobile Banking transactions, login using your internet banking credentials

•       For Mobile Wallet, Asset Management, Pension Management use relevant login credentials


iOS Users (iPhone, iPad):


  1. As a staff using iPhone/iPad, please send a mail with headline “I use iPhone/iPad” as the subject from your email address to
    1. (Ensure this is sent from an email you can access from the iPhone/iPad you want to access the Mobile App from)

  2. You will receive an email/invitation to register on HockeyApp

  3. Open the invitation and click the "Show Invitation" button on the email from your mobile phone.

  4. Create a new account (it's free!) and register your device.

  5. Once you have finished registering  your device, notify the mobile app team by sending “Already Registered” as the subject of your mail to

  6. A link, through which you will download the app, will be sent to the email address you registered in step 5 above. You'll always be notified via email whenever a new app or version becomes available.


Nigeria Bank CCC

0700 2255 782 6242

+234 1 270 9676


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• Transfer money to anyone
• Manage your financial portfolio
• Invest in mutual funds
• View your pension statements