Frequently Asked Questions on Credit Cards

What is my cash withdrawal limit?

This is 50% of your Credit Card limit. To get this limit in real time, please contact our 24-hour multi-lingual credit card hotline on (234) 01 422 2222 or send us an email: [email protected]

What is my balance? (Outstanding and available balance)

Your outstanding balance is what you have spent on the on the card at the time of your request. Your available balance is the total credit you can access on your card. The available balance can also be viewed on an ATM.

How can I get my statement of account?

Monthly statements are sent on the first day of every month for the just ended credit card cycle. However, you may send a mail to [email protected] or call us on (234) 01 422 2222  for out-of-cycle statement requests.

How are management & commitment fees charged to my credit card?

These are calculated at 2% (1% management fee & 1% commitment fee) of the approved credit limit on your card. This sum is spread across 12 months in a year i.e. a fixed nominal amount is deducted monthly.

Why am I unable to access funds in my card?

You may be unable to access funds if a POS or Web transaction you performed is going through pre-authorization. This can last for up to 14 calendar days from date of the transaction.

Why is my card blocked on the Verified by Visa platform?

Access to the Verified by Visa platform is blocked when new users supply information different from data captured in the bank’s database.

Information such as embossed name (name as written on the card), mother’s maiden name, date of birth, mobile number (supplied in 23480, 23470, 23481 etc. format) and card expiry date must be entered correctly and as provided in your credit card application form with the bank.

Access will also be blocked if a returning user supplies the wrong username or password. To unblock or reset your Verified by VISA access please call our 24-hour multi-lingual contact centre Credit Card hotline on (234) 01 422 2222  or send us an email to [email protected]

How do I get an authorization code for a transaction done with my credit card?

Call us or send us an email and we will authenticate ownership of the card to provide the authorization code. Please note that authorization code is only provided for transactions still going through pre-authorization.


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