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29 Oct 2021

Stanbic IBTC drives sustainable digital finance

“The Nigerian Fintech industry is constantly evolving Nigeria’s business ecosystem as financial transactions are increasingly becoming digital and contactless. Digital innovations have long impacted the Nigerian financial sector and have become a driving force of economic growth for a while now, that brought in the emergence of banking technologies such as ATMs, practical applications of asset pricing models, credit-scoring and other consumer lending technologies. Financial technology continues to evolve to meet global demands, and as such the way we do business and interact with customers and community is changing and will continue to change based on adoptions of new technologies,” he said.

He highlighted that these new developments have not only impacted customers but also employees who also seek new roles that are being created by digital capabilities.

“To think that we can do more with technological evolution in the financial sector is even more exciting and I am glad that the Nigeria fintech week has created an opportunity to further accelerate this growth. I hope this conference further promotes and broadens our understanding of the impact and direction of technology on our financial ecosystem, as well as provide a clear insight on how collaboration with fintech startups and organisations will facilitate financial inclusion and drive economic growth,” he added.

Wole’s presentation ended with a brief virtual appearance of Stanbic IBTC’s Artificial Intelligent robot called “Pepper” which further showcased how Stanbic IBTC intends to keep leveraging Artificial Intelligence, blockchain technology and machine learnings to transform and fulfill customer and business needs.