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Transaction Banking
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Global Markets
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Explore our range of products and services that have been designed to help your business grow


Our Solutions

Grow your business with our full suites of products and services

Bank with us
Biz Smart Account

The Biz Smart Account offers financial services and tailored business solutions. Make your money work as hard as you do to reach your financial goals

Business Current Account

The Business Current Account is a day-to-day transactional account for companies of any size. Get full financial support from our business advisory team and make your business a success

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BizSmart Plus

The Biz Smart Plus account offers the benefits of a current and savings account, specifically for small businesses wanting to maximise their savings

Financing Your Business
SME 520x240 copy 5-100.jpg
SME Loan

Do you need working capital for your business? The SME Loan is a tailored made lending facility that is available to businesses for meeting working capital needs and to achieve business goals.

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Trade Finance

We offer Import and Export products to help you trade your goods and services across borders.


Make payments directly from your business current account and manage your cash flow with a business overdraft facility

Real Estate Finance_SB_112156539
Real Estate Finance

Business real estate funding financing for residential and commercial real estate including construction, renovation and acquisition.

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Purchase Order Discounting

With our purchase order discounting, your business can fulfil orders and pay suppliers to keep you moving forward and keep your customers' needs. Now you can seal the deal without hassles and drive your business to sustained growth

Agribusiness Financing
AgriBusiness Finance

Need a short to long short term business loan for crop, livestock production, farm equipment purposes? Get the required cashflow whatever your agriculture business needs and scale effectively.

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Distributor Finance

If you’re a large manufacturer, or a distributor of wholesale goods, Distribution Supply Chain Finance is the perfect solution for flexible loans to help maintain your cashflow

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Invoice Discounting

With our Invoice Discounting Facility, your business can draw money against invoices issued for completed contracts before payment is received from your creditors.

Merchant Solutions
Product Image for C'Gate

The C’Gate solution enables merchants to accept payments via a USSD string. The solution can also be utilized for payment on the Point of Sale (POS) terminal and via online web payment platform

Contactless POS - product image
Contactless POS

This is a new payment solution service that is carried out on a POS terminal that enables customers transmit card payment information by simply holding a contactless enabled device near the terminal.

Point of Sales (PoS)
Point of Sales (PoS)

Our POS terminals allow cards to be used for transactions at a merchant store. Both the merchant and the customer will receive instant notification after the transaction is completed.


Give your customers the option to make payment directly from their phones through USSD. Simple, fast and mobile


MPGS (Mastercard Payment Gateway Solutions) is a MasterCard payment gateway platform that allows your business to receive card payments online directly from your website